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Product Design, UX Research, UI Design

Manage your smart home like never before, Add, Manage and monitor your smart home devices.

Iran Rescue Bit

Product Design, UX Research, UI Design

Provide Real Help, Donate With Cryptocurrency for last floods in iran & watch live as donations come from all over the world.


Product Design, UX Research, UI Design

Meditate with music & organization. Listen to playlists, Do a test and see your mental health improving test after test.


Product Design, UI/UX

All of your payment needs in one simple app, deposit, withdraw & transfer your money how ever you feel good about.

Nikola Power

Product Design, UI/UX

Manage if you want to use your solar panel or you want to use it, Nikola is the best solar panel manager there is.


Product Design, UX Research, UI Design

All your medical needs under your fingers, just with one touch you can send a doctor to your house. it’s very safe in this quarantined times.

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