Pay Like a Local
in Iran

Daric has taken care of the only gap in the perfect travel experience for Iran visitors – card payment.
Daric provides Iran visitors with a simple, transparent and secure payment solution that works anywhere and everywhere in the country.

Finding True Self

The Look

Main Colors

Complementary Colors


Since DaricPay is a multilingual solution,
we suggested typefaces for three main
languages: “English”, “Arabic” and “Farsi”.

A to Z of Visual Design

All pages designed from scratch to high quality UIs.

Print Design

Official set of Daric designed to complete its brand identity.

DaricPay’s Flyer

For IFTM Exhibition

Studio's Playground

Nowruz Stickers

Pack of joyful stickers to celebrate and wish happy nowruz, Iranian new year.

Daric's Team

We designed this poster as a Nowruz gift for Daric's team.

Yalda Night Illustration

Yalda Night (Shab-e Yalda) is an Iranian festival celebrated on the longest night of the year. Daric used these illustrations to celebrate this event.

Trust Iranians Campaign

Online and digital campaign to show Iran's safety for travelling to foreign travelers.

I believe the very core of every successful business is TEAM. Design companies are always considered as contractors and outsiders, after working with Dexign Studio for more than a year I can say that they blend into your team and make your dreams come true, on top of that you'll enjoy working together as a TEAM. BTW for me X in Dexign is for freindship. XOXO.

Alireza KhodaeiCEO of DaricPay