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X products are our own and featured products.

Design Resources

Design-related Resources

We launched design resources to the public nearly one year ago, the idea was very simple, we needed some place to store all og our design-related resources and materials so we decided to build it & since it was great in our own team, we released it to the public so everybody can be able to use it and even add more resources.

Today, DesignResources has more than 700 resources.

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Pen Play

Head-to-Head online drawing match

In PenPlay you can play with your friends of random people an online drawing game. The game is very simple. draw one of the words in front of you, you will get rewarded if the AI recognize your drawing as one of the three words. The winner is the player with most verified drawn words.


Set your meetings

Make a meeting and send all the informations to your teammates or colleagues in seconds.

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Font-Comparing Service

Select fonts on your personal taste, filtered by beloved designers. Compare fonts together and select the one you want to download or purchase.

Choose a font for your next project wisely.

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Comment Farsi

Fully detailed telegram comment service

Build and manage telegram campaigns very fast and convenient.

Send your ad campaigns to all channels you like, Filter channels based on name or just select them all.

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Get fit with our enw methods & videos everyday

Do you want to get and stay fit? we made it easy. Just stay on the program, do the daily tasks to stay fit and healthy.


English Q

Learn English with videos & tests

Learning English was never easier than this, Watch videos, English News, actual learning courses and many more content. Take the quiz and watch yourself grow & learning just with your phone.

Sport Q

Predict & Win!

Win prizes using your mind. Take part in our daily quiz to be the number one sports fan!

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